FIFA World Cup

Barcelona soccer stars, how they made this famous team a champion.

Barcelona won his 17th title at the Campeonato Nacional de la Liga (National League Championship), thanks to the popular soccer player Samuel Eto'o. The player local from Cameroon scored an amazing objective becoming a factor piece during the championship.

On the other hand, Ronaldinho who has been thought about the best player of the year a couple of times as well as the best gamer of the previous championship was less significant in this event, however he was a difficult opponent for his competitors. He showed once again his domain like the objectives scored at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, which allowed the Barcelona team to win another point over the Real Madrid.

We can not continue with this journal without mention the difficult work established from the defense Deco, who has been one of the soccer champion tourist attractions. For Puyol, this is the first title with Barcelona.

Other essential Barcelona soccer gamers are the Mexican Rafael Márquez, who was encouraged to be an essential part in getting the title and Victor Valdés protecting the frame being among the most essential position during the match.

Undoubtedly, Barcelona is among the groups that reveal excellent soccer and stamina in the middle of the camp, they deserve this title, congratulations!